I absolutely love helping moms like you to make sure that these early days and years never become forgotten memories.  As a birth and lifestyle photographer, I aim to capture the raw bond and the truest version of your family, whatever that may be. Life isn't always "picture perfect", but that's what I love most, and it's what makes your family unique! 

I'M HERE TO document all of YOUR most precious milestones

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We               already be best friends if...



already be
best friends if...

you consider yourself a "kinda crunchy" mom.

a quick trip to target could be considered the highlight of your week.

it's impossible for you to just watch "one" episode of a binge-worthy show.

you spend way more money than you should on iced matcha lattes from starbucks.

disney movies or rom-coms are your go-to on at-home movie nights.

you find yourself itching to put up all your fall decorations by the middle of august.

you watch a whole lot of hgtv and take on way too many diy projects at once.

your daily necessities include caffeine, dry shampoo, and essential oils.

you're a mom that constantly forgets to eat full meals throughout the day, so you survive solely on snacks (lol, oops).

you're obsessed with fantasy & romance books, and commonly tell yourself "i'll only read for 15 minutes" before going to bed, only to realize 3 hours later that you've made a huge mistake... (I secretly don't regret it)

Heck yeah!

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